How to be a Texas Supermodel

How to be a Texas Supermodel

Jerry Hall, Cosmo 1974 – HBO documentary 2012

Texas Supermodel, Jerry Hall, blonde hair, blues eyes, born in Gonzales Texas, 1956. Her first job in the early 70s, was at a dairy queen in Mesquite Texas. When she complained to her mom about not having a boyfriend and feeling like a failure. Her mother said to her, “well look at Twiggy! She’s a model and she’s even flatter and skinnier then you are.“ Jerry had sometimes day dreamed about modeling and traveling around the world. Her older sisters were models at the Apparel market in Dallas, and Jerry had looked through magazines, and  has imagined the excitement that comes with modeling. Gerry signed with a modeling agency for early direction and opportunity, and after a car accident, she used the insurance money, her mild experience, and her dream, to fly to Paris, France. On a mission to be discovered, she bought a pink metallic crochet bikini, some tall platform shoes, and styled her hair like a wild lion’s mane. She headed straight to the beach at the French Riviera, which her mom had said was the place to be.. Within an hour a French fashion agent came up to her and said, would you like to be a model? By the age of 21, she had been on forty magazine covers including Italian Vogue and Cosmopolitan and was earning modeling fees in excess of $1000 per day in the 1970s… 35 years of consistent modeling work, a marriage to Rolling Stone’s lead singer Mick Jagger, and her 4 beautiful children, Jerry is an original Texas Supermodel.

“It wasn’t just about selling the clothes and making a lot of money, it was about making a whole world that you would enter into” Jerry Hall

How to be a Texas Supermodel?

Since the beginning of commercial advertising, millions of models have made modeling a great career. You must realize that fun events, fabulous people, and consistent paychecks, rarely come in the same job description. Being a model allows you to see new places, collaborate with great people, and wear amazing clothes. Starting young, will give you better chances of having a longer, more international career; but all ages of models are needed, right now. To be a Texas Supermodel you need to get your availability and status our there, as soon as possible. Many people make the mistakes of thinking a Facebook profile and a Twitter account gives you enough exposure to be discovered. This is completely not true, good clients don’t look for independent models, they go through model managements and agencies, because they are a business, and not in the business of sorting out model’s availability or dependability. There is not a certain path to achieve a successful modeling career, but a lack of action and exposure is a sure way to waste any modeling opportunities you may of had. Supermodel does not mean you are very super model looking, it means you are having a super successful modeling career. The real opportunities come through model promotions and the right exposure, like here with us. Step into the spotlight, and an exciting new world.

Texas Supermodel; Supermodel redefined: beauty, brains, charm, and class