When looking for new fashion trends, we found that Texas is making big moves. So we pledged to showcase the best Texas fashion designers and collection lines. We’ve brought Texas based fashion into the spotlight, through promoting local fashion designers and showcasing worthy collection lines.

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Fashion Designers

We’re putting the spotlight on Texas based fashion designers, through promoting local fashion events; and by showcasing notable fashion designers and their collection lines in our exclusive designer directory below.

Fashion Designers approved receive a full feature page linked to your keywords and picture thumbnails. Your fashion page will be professionally optimized, share web links with any fashion websites you host, your contact information will be organized, updated on the feature, and we’ll include at least 20 choice pictures of your work so that folks can really get a great idea about your services. Branding your pictures is preferred, and you must have full rights to use any pictures you send us. Future profiles will have short videos about your fashion career,  your contact information, and a short ‘About you’ section may be updated by you at anytime.

The fashion industry is selective, your submission will be reviewed, but it does not give you automatic entrance.

Is it time to go public?

Do you have variety in your work?   Need Professional Photos?    Finished samples?      A brand name?

If your work qualifies, we can help you get the right exposure, by featuring you on Texas Supermodels.

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New Texas Fashion Designers finally have a place to display their work.