Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we do this?

We have talented friends, creative minds and marketing backgrounds which needed a fashionable platform to connect with greater opportunities. Texas Cities are booming, with beauty and talent spilling into the streets. We’re here to promote deserving acts and showcase the artistic side of Texas’ most Talented. about us

Do we only feature Texas based beauty and talent?

Yes. All featured profiles on Texas Supermodels meet one of the following requirements: (A. been raised in Texas, B. acquired a degree from a Texas College, or C. Currently live in Texas

How can I be Featured on Texas Supermodels?

Email us about yourself, and your purpose. Include your area of Texas and 3-5 relevant pictures for site entrance consideration. casting@texassupermodels.com (read more about being a featured model or featured talent)

How do I make changes to my current Featured page?

here: Upload Extra Pictures  or Submit Changes to your current Feature.

Photographer credits?

Photographers have our utmost respect for working the hardest with typically the least amount of compensation. We are NOT in the business of photography, and our goal is to get Texas photographers more work. If you have found photographs of yours, which you did not brand, or the subject of the photograph has not registered with us, then email us and we will credit you appropriately, or remove the picture. Photographs we use are solely used to promote the subject in the photo, not Texas Supermodels. We frequently contract, and pay photographers for any occasions which would be considered a promotional event for Texas Supermodels. All photographs copyrighted by their respective owners.

Planning an Event?

We will match you with the best event planners Texas has to offer. They are experienced in organizing and managing events; coordinating models, staff, weddings, locations and sponsors. What ever level of involvement you need. more about stress free event planning.

Are we a modeling agency?

No. We only create opportunities and promote talent and beauty. We don’t manage it or get paid for it. For free promotions with us (qualifying talent only) Contact us. We may brighten your way, or find you a different play.

You have not received a reply from us?

Your submission may have been received, but we’re only able to promote a few.

Texas Supermodels Frequently Asked Questions