Trent Gentry

Trent began singing and playing piano as soon as he could crawl onto the piano bench at a very young age. Self taught on the piano and guitar, Gentry has been playing music before he could speak. Often acting, dancing, singing, and performing, Trent eventually landed a gig on the Barney (yes the purple one) national live show tour at the age of 9. On this tour a ballet dancer gifted him with the knowledge of reading music. Here is where the songwriting and composing began.

It wasn’t until his senior year of high school when his music was shared. A very close friend, Taylor Moore (who can be heard on the record on “Forgiveness” and “Goodbye Song”) prompted him to perform in a talent show, and even further, a show. The first was at the very secular The Door in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas. Trent Gentry is an openly gay Austin singer, songwriter and performer born in Fort Worth, Texas. Gentry has received critical acclaim and recognition for his most recent compilation of original music on his self titled album released in March of 2011

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Playing shows has not always been easy for Trent, as sharing his lyrics with strangers was terrifying. He didn’t truly feel worth in sharing his work until 2010 at the Congress House Studio in Austin, Texas. Before this, he moved to Austin in 2005, Trent wished to stretch his musical muscles after playing acoustic shows in Dallas. In 2008, Gentry recorded his debut album Stars at Aerie Studios (Austin) with Mark Addison and it was quietly released. Recorded in four days, “Stars” was a down-tempo and stripped LP. Trent Gentry connected with Austin producer and engineer Mark Hallman (Eliza Gilkyson, Carole King, Ani DiFranco) of Congress House Studio in Spring of 2010. With executive producers Jane Schweppe and Gentry spearheading the project, the eponymous LP was born. The experience in the studio was magical. A voice, even identity, was found mid way through the project. Mark exclaimed, “Now we must re-do all your vocals!”. Tears were shed by all present, including the performer, during the one-take Rhodes and vocal tracking for “Johnny Doe”, a song for a close friend riddled with a sex addiction. Each song is varied in subject matter, and much more so than the common singer-songwriter fare. There’s divorce (“Jailbreak”), comforting the widower of a cancer-stricken wife (“Light in the Dark”), and a salute to Trent’s early show experiences (“Goodbye Song”).

Nearly 8 months of work later, the album was completed. Full of lush strings, keyboards, and Hammond organs, “Trent Gentry” is an inspiring record filled with yearning lyrics and soulful vocals. Musicians and vocalists like Mark Hallman himself, Michael Ramos, and Warren Hood make appearances here. Hooks are in attendance, but they never take away from the purity and meaningfulness within each lyric and line. Mark Hallman, Trent Gentry, and Jane Schweppe are currently mid-project for Trent’s third release, slated for Spring 2012. Back to Congress House Studio they go. “Lurve.” – Mark, Jane, and Trent. -RR/Modern Collective

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