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My artwork is an unmasking of a psychological experience whether it is emotional, unconscious, an organic reaction, or experimental. Every painting is portrayed in a moment of constant transition whether it is to represent a thought or a feeling, creating a tension between the static image and involved narrative. The psychology behind the subject becomes more apparent with each individual layer and the allied material used.

The materials I use are always related to the subject matter of the painting…enticing the viewer in more than one way. I address elements that bind humans together as well as what causes a division. Each painting has some sort of symbolism referring to a lifestyle of a culture, psychological element of a society, and or emotional instability.

I am constantly pushing the bar to see what kind of passion I can create between the viewer and the artwork. People connect differently to paintings and the best part about what I do is hearing what people think about the work, how it makes them feel or react, and sometimes what they see. My artwork reflects a sense of confusion and tragedy that sometimes seems disguised by color. The paintings are more interesting to me when color is highly present, it can heighten the emotion or make the painting more mysterious. Life is painted by experiences and each day is a different color and we are just here to create our own painting.

I live and work in advertising and as a Dallas artist.

Suzanne Swift Brown

Photographer credits: All photographs copyrighted by their respective owners. John Parrish Photography

Suzie Brown
(214) 507-4689
Email: suzie@swiftartgallery.com

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