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Shona evolved out of a simple love of beauty … and the enchantment and allure that can be found within the mystery of an ancient soul. The brand is defined by the themes of rebirth and renewal, and embodies the personal style and spirit of its founder, Shona C. Gilbert.
As an artist, Shona spent most of her life fashioning the everyday into visions of her imagination … following her instincts, while continually reinventing her craft and herself, and drawing inspiration from this process of exploration. For over 20 years, Shona worked in various mediums, and her design aesthetic reflects this appreciation of metamorphosis.
Born in Sonoma Valley, California, Shona and her family have made their home in a number of locations – New York, Greenwich, Dallas, Austin and the island of St. Croix – and her designs are greatly influenced by travel, history and the fashions that drive a city’s personality. Two of her favorite cities, London and Berlin, offer a conspicuous juxtaposition of new and old – and this can be found through architecture, art and culture.
Religious and cultural symbolism also strike a chord with Shona, as they possess artifacts that can serve as a reminder of our primal connections. Many of these artifacts still exist in the form of jewelry, which was often used during rituals and ceremonies. Shona’s designs are influenced by this kind of significance and symbolism – each piece has a story to tell, and they are each as unique as the individuals who choose them.
The contrast between ancient and contemporary has greatly inspired Shona in her jewelry creations. She finds beauty within the intricate details and bold metals, and has a natural ability to almost magically transform vintage ideas and elements into a fresh awakening. The end result is thoroughly modern, but one that honors the past … vintage reformed.
Shona launched her latest couture jewelry collection in 2011, and at the same time, she was chosen as the exclusive jewelry partner and higlighted artist for The Dallas Museum of Art exhibit, The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk. Shona’s jewelry designs accessorize the icon’s haute couture and ready-to-wear pieces on sale at the The Dallas Museum of Art within the Gaultier shop.
SHONA was recently featured in “The Best of Dallas” January 2012, Dallas Modern Luxury magazine. As an emerging artist, Shona frequently participates in various shows that highlight independent work within the fashion industry, and is a sought-after, up-and-coming stylist for runways and fashion spreads. Her community giving includes support for the arts, breast cancer awareness and education.

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Shona C. Gilbert
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