Sarah Eileen, Bridal Designer

Sarah Eileen McLaughlin, is a custom bridal designer and women’s fashion designer in Georgetown, TX, just north of Austin. Sarah aspires to be a couture bridal designer and own an exclusive bridal salon in the near future. From here, she will sell her own couture designs along with other couture bridal designers.

Sarah spent 7 years in the DFW Metroplex attending school and working. She graduated as an Honors Graduate from The Art Institute of Dallas with an Associate of Applied Arts degree in Fashion Design. Sarah continued her education at The University of North Texas and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising and Minor in Business. While attending The Art Institute of Dallas, Sarah was honored to work for Rani Totman, owner and couture bridal designer of St. Pucchi Inc. While working for Rani, who inspired Sarah tremendously, she knew that she had to follow her dream of designing unique bridal gowns, no matter what it took.

After graduating, Sarah continued her education at The University of North Texas and had the pleasure to work for Dallas Cowboys Merchandising as an Assistant Apparel Designer. With the Senior Apparel Designer, Sarah co-designed men’s, women’s, youth, toddler and infant apparel and loungewear.

Once Sarah graduated from The University of North Texas, she began working at Bioworld Merchandising as an Apparel Production Coordinator, developing licensed and private label apparel with quick turnarounds. Sarah now resides in Georgetown, TX where her roots are, with her fiancé, loving boxer Lexus and large family very close by.

Sarah’s LOVE is designing;  her PASSION is couture bridal, eveningwear and costume.

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