Photograph Disclaimer

Photograph Disclaimer, Photographer Notice

Photographers have our utmost respect for working the hardest with typically the least amount of compensation. We are NOT in the business of photography, and our goal is to connect Texas photographers with more paying gigs and offer a platform for better exposure. If you have found photographs of yours, which you did not brand, or the subject of the photograph has not registered with us; then email us, and we will credit you appropriately, or remove the picture. Most photographs we use have been submitted or provided by the subject talent. Pictures are solely used to promote the subject in the photo, not Texas Supermodels. We frequently contract, and pay photographers for any occasions which would be considered a promotional event for Texas Supermodels. All photographs copyrighted by their respective owners. Contact us today to receive job offers in your area of Texas.

We’ll promote you for as long as you are in the Photography Business. When you are not in business we can place your feature page in our archives if you would like to still be found, or retire you from our Site completely. You will always have the choice for us to do what you need, for you.

Photographs on our Site, have been sized down, since our Site is promoting your business, we want folks who view photos we put out to our directory to find you. Use of photographs is solely to promote the Texan, service or movement in the picture itself, and the photographer. The only purpose for us displaying the picture is to promote the subject in that picture. We re-size the photographs so that the longest length is 800 pixels, and the longest height is 600 pixels or less. on any length and use a simple slide show. If happen to you find multiple pictures on this website that is yours and unbranded, let us know and we will feature you, and correct the credit, for faster web browsing, and teasers to see more from you, by going to your website.  picture size and resolution for this web site.  We want to ensure that individuals can see faces well enough for identification and be the best quality for download and saving for posterity. We would quickly run out of available space if every picture were the maximum size and resolution so a compromise in picture quality is necessary. Many photographers have contributed to this website and we always accommodate their desire to have proper credit given. Wherever possible we give proper photographer credit. When known, they will always receive the credit. However, some cases, we have no information on who took the original photograph. In these instances we will credit it to a collection of who provided it to me. If any visitor, or photographer, recognizes their work, or the work of a particular person, please contact  us, so proper photograph credit can be given.