Parker Ainsworth

Singer-songwriter Parker Ainsworth brings the art of evocative storytelling through music forth from a space that audiences can feel down to the tips of their toes in the space of a moment.

Originally from Austin Tx, the SoCal resident followed I-10 toward the ocean and a new beginning in 2009, eventually coming to hang his hat on a sailboat docked at the edge of LA where he has been writing and growing as an artist ever since. Following the release of his most recent EP “Leave on the Lights”, Parker took a journey to India that lasted roughly 4 and a half months. During this time he reflected on life, cultivated an abundance of new material, and played shows across the country including the 40th annual Bob Dylan Folk Festival in the state of Meghalaya. Freshly back from his adventures, P.A. is sharing his experiences with a confidence, humor and humility that is both touching and entertaining.

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Parker Ainsworth has the voice of a man whose lived many lives in one lifetime. He’s a mystic wandering bard…you can hear the Texan smoke in his voice and his finger picking should be studied. He’s a painter with words and palette is plentiful. I was a fan in an instant. ~

Each note is gritty, honest, and beckons to an age of Johnny Cash…  He is a powerful voice and the grittiest storyteller who performs in clubs instead of libraries. It’s clear that…what he’s doing is simple, a bit unkempt, but absolutely beautiful. ~ The Noise Between the Apple

Personal songs that echo with love and life… anyone with an interest in contemporary folk-pop or folk-roots music should buy his new album. ~ InsideWorldMusic

Parker Ainsworth


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