Over The Moon Children’s Clothing

I created “Over the Moon” in response to the lack of cute and traditional children’s clothing. Anywhere I went to purchase baby gifts or clothing for family friends, it seemed as though the only clothing available looked like it was knitted by grandma or much too mature for an infant or child. I want to clothe children in fun and bright colors that exude their happiness and joy for life. I also believe the garments should obtain an innocence that only a child can exhibit rather than making them look like a teenager in zebra print or an adult in choking leather. “Over the Moon” keeps the fun, happiness, and youth in children’s clothing while keeping their comfort in mind.

Photographer credits: All photographs copyrighted by their respective owners. Over The Moon Children’s Boutique, Jared Beasley Photography

Kinsey McCabe
(806) 239-7599
Email: kinsey7645@yahoo.com

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