League of Rebels Menswear

League of Rebels is a growing international brand based on an idea of bringing a modern attitude to an original suit design. We are known for a strong attention to detail and an uncompromising quality. We have stayed committed to individually designing and manufacturing each LoR piece of clothing at the best facilities and using only premium fabrics.

Started as a pursuit for a new kind of fashion, League of Rebels is quickly expanding through the markets in Europe, America, and Africa. LoR has been able to conquer the hearts of men in many countries by bringing an exclusive look at an affordable price. At League of Rebels, we strive to make each suit you put on a true statement piece. Our goal is to make you not only look your ultimate best, but to inspire you to live your live on your own terms.

The LoR man is a confident and an accomplished individual who takes pride in his personal style. He knows what he wants, and is not afraid to take risks and stand out from the crowd. He does not blindly follow fashion trends, instead – he is the trend.

Photographer credits: All photographs copyrighted by their respective owners. Jared Tennant Photography, Jmay Photography, Zi Nguyen

League of Rebels
Email:  info@leagueofrebels.com

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