Jake Bryer, Texas Artist

Several years ago my goal in life was to start a local art gallery that accommodated to people of all socioeconomic walks of life. Somewhere along the way, I became an artist.
My work mostly represents composite photography, which essentially is layers of photos. I typically select a base photo, then layer it with photos I take of texture to create a painterly effect and unique colors. My texture photos consist of old walls, chipped paint, sidewalk cracks, cloud formations and anything I can find in the city or nature that is weathered and interesting to me. Essentially I paint with photos and each art piece is 100% hand made by me. Thanks for checking out my art.
Custom Orders :
Please note that all orders are built to speficifc sizes and have a 5-7 day production time before shipping or ready for pick up. Thank you for your patience.

Photographer credits: All photographs seen on copyrighted by their respective owners. (Jake Bryer) Texas Supermodels does not represent any photographers, and is simply a promotional tool giving Texas photographers  more exposure and work. To hire any photographer seen on our website, you must communicate with them directly. Read more about photography disclaimer.

Photographer for Hire:

Jake Bryer
(512) 351-5934
Email: jake@austinartgarage.com

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