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Glazer’s is the largest wine and spirits distributor in Texas, and is a leading beer wholesaler as well. Glazer’s operates out of nine branches, far more than the competition. This footprint enables Glazer’s to be very responsive to customer needs, and provides our suppliers with the necessary clout and expertise to build their brands effectively.

Glazer’s is privileged to be recognized as one of the most successful sales and marketing organizations in our industry. That’s how they’ve become one of the country’s largest distributors of beverage alcohol. Glazer’s Family of Companies is firmly established with 40 offices in 11 states, and we’re still family-owned and operated.

The company began in 1909 in Dallas, Texas, where Louis Glazer opened the Jumbo Bottling Company, which distributed a line of flavored soda waters from the back of horse-drawn wagons. Glazer’s Distributors, as the company is known today, was established on Sept. 3, 1933 by Max and Nolan Glazer, two of Louis Glazer’s sons. By 1966, Glazer’s had expanded beyond Texas to three additional states. And our energized growth continues today.

Glazer's Distributing in Texas

Glazer’s commitment

Building brands, with our strategic focus on marketing and the company’s passion for outstanding service drive our high performance, results-producing culture. Partnering as a valued resource to our customers and suppliers, we are dedicated as the industry’s preferred provider of beverage alcohol products in each of our markets.

Glazer’s Distributing

Texas Headquarters:
14911 QUORUM DR STE 210
DALLAS TX  75254-7059

Phone: (972) 919-1777
Fax: (972) 788-3890

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