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In 2002, artist Cynthia Bloom was working the proverbial Austin, TX. waitress “day job,” searching for her muse. One day, just for fun, she refashioned a friend’s tattered heirloom, a once-elegant multi-strand la Belle Epoque necklace, into several dazzling contemporary pieces. Restaurant customers clamored to buy them, and she started taking them to work in an old cigar box. Working with these hand-cut, brilliantly faceted century-old Czech glass beads, Cynthia discovered a powerful personal connection between modern sensibility and the timeless treasures crafted by European artisans of a bygone era. In doing so, she launched not only a new line but also a new genre in jewelry design in which contemporary flair is infused with history —

Today Bloom’s jewelry designs have moved out of that old cigar box into stylish boutiques, gift stores, and museum shops across the United States, but her signature style continues to feature rare Czech glass beads and crystal buttons. She searches the world for antique bead hanks, vintage crystals in original packaging, iridescent hand-painted buttons (some cast in 200-year-old molds), extraordinary gemstones, and other unique objets d’arl to create each of her color-saturated jewelry collections. As Cynthia’s early cigar box marketing shows, she does not conform to fads or trends. Instead, as Accessories Magazine publisher Lori L. Frost states. Cynthia’s jewelry designs “transcend trends.”

Photographer credits: All photographs copyrighted by their respective owners. Charla Wood, Cynthia Bloom

Cynthia Bloom
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