Crowned Bird

From classic French retro to quirky animal prints, founder Priscilla Barroso designed a brand that illustrates her mindful avenue of perennial desire. Fathomable. Amused with generous personality. “Where time and eclecticism depart toward the nearest cosmic destination.” The label identifies a place where youthful idealism replaces the once occupied novelty of saudade. Boldly captivating and easy to wear, these versatile staples provide building blocks for future seasons. Crowned Bird has a method of crafting designs after choosing the fabrics, allowing for a more natural process of creation. Nothing is forced. It just is. Using intermingling textures, original prints, and timeless silhouettes, the nature of the brand is set in stone. It is the past that relates to us on an empathic level. It is what inspires us most. A meaningful expression within one era injects potent fervor by another. In other words, it’s clothing that keeps a little Grandma in mind. Thoughtfully made in the USA.

Austin based Priscilla Barroso grew up cultivating a love of divided idiosyncrasies. Born as a first generation Turkish/Panameña it was easy to say that growing up in Texas was less than traditional. Raised in a large extended family, her greatest influences still now come from all the strength and diversity of several generations sharing one home. Inheriting a love for fashion, travel, and novelties, an unplanned trip to San Francisco found herself with a scholarship studying fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Despite the byzantine chaos of art school, she became the master of multi-tasking working hard as a freelance stylist for Levi Strauss & Co, a custom tailor in North Beach, and partnering in an organic and sustainable dog apparel line. Experiences in the industry lead to catching her own ‘Big Fish’ with eclectic designs contributing to the rise in independent fashion. Her valuable knowledge and experience in styling, fit, and functionality came from working as a woman in a “man’s” world. She has proudly tailored the best of San Francisco, with a range of indie musicians, artists, to icons such as Carlos Santana himself. Now with the wisdom gained from a fortunate tailoring experience, Priscilla treads a lifelong ambition to unravel traditional garment making through colorful and inspired expressions.

Photographer credits: All photographs copyrighted by their respective owners. Tomo Saito, Angela Kohler

Priscilla Barroso

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