Austin Fashion Awards-2012, A red carpet event

Texas Supermodels attended Austin Fashion Awards, Saturday night August 18, at the Austin Music Hall.

Summing up Fashion week & the Austin Fashion Awards

Austin Fashion Week(AFW) Founder Matt Swinney, came up with nothing short of fabulous at 2012’s Austin Fashion Week. We expected to find plenty of style and talent showcased at AFW, and that is exactly what we found. Matt Swinney and his fashion industry friends have officially created an exciting fashion world in Texas. Designers from all over the world showed up for Austin Fashion Week, seeking opportunity and approval. The venues were all perfectly fashionable, considerate, and fun. We enjoyed The Driskill’s  Runway & Marketplace which provided the most beautiful and intimate fashion runway setting.  There was an exciting buzz in the air, which made you want to attend every event you could. Friendly photographers and reporters were everywhere, all week long; you felt like a celebrity just being in the room.

Austin’s Fashion week flew by, with talent, after talent, stepping into the spotlight. I really was not ready to see it come to an end. I had just gotten addicted to high fashion and extravagant events. I recommend anyone with an interest in fashion trends or apparel marketing attend next years, 2013 Austin Fashion Week. Surrounding yourself with so many hard working entrepreneurs and creative minds pouring their all into it: you will feel motivated to continue planning and pursuing your dreams.

Our favorites were Dawn Younger-Smith of Boudoir QueenSarah Eileen Bridal DesignsRoss Bennett DesignsCynthia Bloom’s collectible Jewelry, and children’s clothing from Over the Moon.  

The Austin Fashion Awards

Austin Fashion Award’ nominees appeared to be an exclusive community of talented designers which were making real efforts and moves in the fashion world. As each day went by, I started to recognize many of the same faces, and you got a feeling for how supportive a lot of designers were, admiring each other’s hard work. I’m certain that Texas’ best in fashion walked down the red carpet that night, bringing the week to a close at Austin Music Hall. The AFW Awards had every body there which you had seen during the week, ready to enjoy one last extravagant event, and learn who the award winners were.

A special thanks to Matt Swinney and AFW’s contributors for giving Texas Supermodels full access to Austin fashion week. 

Pictures from Austin’s Fashion Awards-

Photography credits: Jared Tennant (who has amazing photography art for sale, at any size, on and Texas Supermodel’s photography

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People’s Choice (based on public online voting):

  • The Arrivals, Fashion With a Cause, Green Alley, Papel Picado, Step Gold

Timothy White Award (choices for 5 best photographs)

  • The Arrivals, Calypso, Gold & Raven, Rise & Fawn, Step Gold

Other nominees are divided between 2 categories: Rising Stars & Trailblazers. Nominees were submitted by the general public. Through an application process, nominees were then reviewed by the Austin Fashion Week Advisory Board (Stephen Moser, Kendra Scott, Linda Asaf, Eve Nicols, Lance Avery Morgan) and the Host Committee (Justin Brown, Allen Ruiz, Anne Marie Beard, Rochelle Rae, Chad Harlan, Lisa Brooks, Sandra Antoun, Elizabeth Gibson). That group chose 5 Trailblazers and 5 Rising Stars that will be announced at the Austin Fashion


Alissa Bayer, Benson Roberts, Brianna Fleet, Chelle Morrison, Chia Guillory, Cory Rivademar, Cory Ryan, Cynthia Bloom, Davis Ayer, Dawn Younger-Smith, Deborah Main, Demian & Alex Vazquez, Edie Henry ,Emily Hoover & Masha Poloskova ,Felicity Fromholz, Gail Chovan, Gay Isber, Ivy Kim, Jane Clarke, Joshua Martin, Kandy Glass, Katy & Matt Culmo, Lala Washington, Laura Del Villagio, Lecia Harkins, Leonardo D’Almagro, Leslie Bonnell, Loree Massouh and Aimee Lindgren, Mandy Hernandez, Marcus Hersh, Megan Summerville ,Neil Diaz, Patty Hoffpauir, Peter Tung, Ron King, Rory McNeill, Stephanie Coultress, Sue Webber, Tina Sparkles, Wendi Koletar


Alexandria Patterson, Alisha Jurkevicz, Amber Webster, Amy Evers, Amy Olsen, Aneesah Mujahid, Anslee Connell, Anya Brill, Ashanti Maxwell, Ashley Hargrove, Audra Deaton, Blue Madrigal, Brandy Lee, Britany Walker, Cathie Hutchins, Christian Ramirez, Claire Graves, Danielle Barr, Danielle Holschuh, Elleah Lacap, Emily Hallman, Gertie Murray, Haley Lebeuf, Hannah Jones, Hunter Lohse, Isabella Taylor, Jackie Giles, Jai Mayhew, Jamie Pope, Jessica Baker, Jessica Ciarla, Jessica Leyh, Jillian Simmang, Joanna Wilkinson, Josh Bingamann, Kara Whitten, Katie Astoria, Kayla Guevara, Kellie Lewis, Kelsie Gibson, Kendall Koehler, Kirsten Dickerson, Kristin Bunyard, Laisa Macias, Lauren Polt, Leigh Navarro, Makenzi Laine, Malissa Long, Martha Lynn Kale, Matthew Redden, Megan Lowe, Melanie Phillips, Micah Rust, Michelle Washington, Michelle Weisman, Missy Nyberg, Misty Evans, Misty Mittelstedt, Nancy Ferrell, Nina Gay, Paola Moore, Portia Riggins, Precious Thompson, Priscilla Barroso, Rachael Dunn, Rachelle Briton, Rebekah Soucy, Rhea McCarter, Richard Eric Renteria, Ross Bennett, Sarah Keilers, Sarah McLaughlin, Sarah Neill, Sarah Reeves, Shari Gerstenberger, Shira Wasserman, Summer Edwards, Summer Lawson, Teresa Basa, Texas De la Rosa, Theresa KopeckyTiffany Vogelpohl, Tyler Neal, Valeri Abrego-Lisweski.

Congratulations to all the nominees who brought their best to Austin Fashion Week!

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