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5 Elements Wellness and Beauty, Day Spa & Salon
*Grand Opening, Aug 25, 2012

The grand opening of 5 Elements Day Spa was a red carpet event, hosted in style, by owner Thomas Manning Along Steiner Ranch Boulevard, high on a hill in West Austin; where the views are as spectacular as the venue. That Saturday evening, the weather was perfect. The breeze on the balcony, combined with complimentary drinks and food served from never-ending silver trays; made for a relaxing, and fun environment.

Some familiar faces from Austin Fashion Week, and a few more local celebs were present for the event… Including: The event planner and caterer, Suzanne Court; Nside Magazine’s publisher, Angela Strickland; Texas Jeweler, Cynthia Bloom; DJ Bravo on the turn tables, and DJ Grace. Artist’s Jared Tennant; Greta Olivas, and Jeana Marino showcased their beautiful art galleries,  in rooms and hallways of the building. (Their amazing Art is still for sale)

Thomas gave an exciting speech about future business plans in which he could not stop smiling. He expressed his appreciation and happiness for every body that’s been a positive influence so far with 5 element’s Day Spa & Salon. The room was full of friends and supporters that shared the excitement of this new beginning on the hill. As the Sun went down, the music picked up, and the crowd started to spread out, touring 5 elements wellness complex. I was very impressed by the interior design and furnishings; the structure’s architecture, the comfortable working rooms and the overall spaciousness.

The grand opening came and went with out a hitch, which speaks volume for any successful business starting out in Austin. (and we’ll be back there soon) I recommend readers to treat your personal wellness and beauty like a business. You only have 1 body; so make 5 elements a regular resort.

A special thank you to Thomas Manning and 5 Elements team; along with contributors, Suzanne Court, Nside Austin, INfluential Magazine, Steiner Ranch and Jared Tennant Photography.

Photography credits: Texas Supermodels, and Jared Tennant, buy his Art here

ABOUT 5 Elements, Wellness and Beauty

A place to nourish, refresh, renew, balance, and heal the mind, body and soul. 5 Elements Wellness & Beauty takes traditional concepts from European and Asian influences and combines them with modern modalities to enhance your wellness and beauty naturally. Our goal is to heighten your well being naturally through incredible service and astounding products.

5 Elements Wellness and Beauty Spa celebrates the healing, soothing and rejuvenating powers of water, earth, wood, metal and fire with a series of exquisite treatments in a tranquil setting within the Monterone at Steiner Ranch a luxury lake living community nestled in the hills with breathtaking picturesque views of the beautiful Lake Travis.

Photography credits: Texas Supermodels, and Jared Tennant, buy his Art here

Their Mission Statement, based on the 5 elements…

Fire Element
Fire – We shall project a radiant, revitalizing energy that seems to glow with warmth and enthusiasm, exemplifying high spirits, great faith in ourselves, enthusiastic and uninterrupted honesty.
Earth Element
Earth – Unselfish, conservative, and reliable we live by a practical, common sense code; stable, and concerned with physical well-being of our guest and the protection of their privacy.
Metal Element
Metal – Our emphasis on thought, ideas and intellectual pursuits of knowledge in the fields of beauty and health, keep us and you up to date on all of the utmost “healthy” ways to slow down the process of aging and stress are a continuous priority.
Water Element
Water – Creating a place of tranquility, freshness and pureness, giving you a rejuvenated and harmonious sense of being.
Wood Element
Wood – We are here to help you enhance your outer and inner beauty and well being to regain a healthy lifestyle in a luxurious and therapeutic setting making you feel opulent and magnificent.

5 Elements Wellness & Beauty

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